Las vegas Sands Must Pay Consultant Richard Suen $70 Million in Final Judgment

After two days of jury deliberations, the verdict is in: Las Las vegas Sands (LVS) needs to fork over $70 million in previous due fees and accrued interest to one-time consultant and Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen for his role in getting LVS into the Macau gaming market in the beginning of the decade.

Second Suit

This judgment ended up being the second time a court has ordered LVS to pay up their previous consultant; the previous ruling in 2008, for $43.8 million, was later overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court. Seems like LVS must have just paid up then; now they should spend nearly double to account for amassed interest in the interim.

The suit that is current off early this year, and ran for months before shutting arguments were finally made in May. The suit has received lots of newsworthy drama, including testimony from both Sheldon Adelson, the notorious LVS chairman, and his former company president William Weidner; between these two, apparently no love has become lost. Weidner left the LVS brand name four years ago, and testified at the latest hearing that Adelson’s pugilistic nature, even during their original trial against Suen in 2008, was ‘injurious to relationships with China.’ You might not discern that from the LVS Asia spreadsheets, but Weidner nonetheless says he ‘lost confidence’ in their former boss’s decision-making abilities at the period.

More Suits Ongoing

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Help! How USC Provides Students Using the Academic Support They Need

Moving away to college is an exciting yet overwhelming process. New friends, new meals, new living arrangement— it definitely takes some adjusting.

Perhaps royal resort hotel las vegas the biggest ‘new’ though is your academic experience. Besides the increased autonomy themselves will be more challenging (it is college, after all!) And, the class sizes might differ from those you had in high school that you will experience, the classes. Although the average course size at USC is 26 with students to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, some courses you are taking will be larger.

Any larger classes are broken up into what is called ‘sections’ led by a graduate pupil, which allows students to discuss and finally clarify any product that was taught in lecture. New material will often be taught by a USC faculty member; graduate pupils act as a resource to aid students better understand the material and answer any staying questions. Both graduate students and faculty members hold office hours through the week, which provide a chance for pupils to interact using them one-on-one and address any lingering concerns they may have.

But what if you still need extra help? That’s where our Center for Academic help comes in. At USC, we wish to make certain that pupils have access to the support and resources they need in order to thrive in their time here. The Center for Academic Support offers students a variety of services, including:

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